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The Cadcorp Portal is a secure area for registered Cadcorp customers and partners to:

  • Search an online knowledge base of technical product information;
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To take advantage of the Cadcorp Portal you must first register and then login. During the registration process access permissions to various areas of the portal will be granted depending upon your entitlement to downloads etc.

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Release of Cadcorp SIS and Web Map Products 8.0 - 17 December 2014


Cadcorp are pleased to announce the release of the following products:

Cadcorp SIS and Cadcorp GeognoSIS 8.0 Service Release 1
This is the first service release of Cadcorp SIS 8.0 and includes a range of bug-fixes and enhancements over the original release in July.  This version of Cadcorp SIS 8.0 is 8.0.1338.
Web Map Express and Web Map Layers 8.0
Cadcorp are pleased to announce the release of Web Map Express and Web Map Layers 8.0.  These products feature new interfaces, mobile support, integrated search, query, print and Local Knowledge™ capabilities and run exclusively with GeognoSIS 8.0 SR1.  For more information, see
Web Map Layer 8.0 pages on the website.

Web Map Viewer and Editor 8.0
Cadcorp are pleased to announce the release of Web Map Viewer and Editor 8.0.  This is an updated version of Web Map Viewer and Editor 7.1 which will run exclusively with GeognoSIS 8.0 SR1.

Application for Upgrade – 7.1 to 8.0
Any user wishing to upgrade from 7.1 to 8.0 will need new licences.  Users can apply for the
upgrade of all products here.

Application for Cadcorp SIS 8.0 SR1 Download
If you are already have SIS 8.0 licences, then please send an email to with your name organisation and portal name to gain access to the SR1 Download area.

Map Express Download and Tutorial Videos - 27 November 2014


We've created a download page for Map Express on the new

On this page you can download Map Express, some sample data and view tutorial videos.  Take a look, particularly if you haven't explored the new website yet.

Link to Map Express download page

Updated Version of SIS 8.0 - 22 July 2014


We will be releasing an updated version of SIS 8.0 today, so the download pages may be offline for short periods.  The update is to fix a drawing bug found this week.  A full list of changes can be found in the release notes on the download page.

Cadcorp Release SIS 8.0 - 21 July 2014


Cadcorp is please to announce the release of Cadcorp SIS and GeognoSIS 8.0.

Existing users of SIS 7.1 can apply for an upgrade from here.  New customers will now receive Cadcorp SIS and GeognoSIS 8.0.

Release of Cadcorp SIS 7.1 SR4a - 16 September 2013

Cadcorp is pleased to announce Service Release 4a of Cadcorp SIS 7.1 products. This release includes new versions of:  

  • Cadcorp SIS
  • GeognoSIS
  • Web Map Express
  • Web Map Layers
  • Web Map Viewer and Editor
  • All existing Cadcorp Portal users have been invited to apply for upgrade of these products. Cadcorp customers with current maintenance on the appropriate products are entitled to upgrade free of charge.

    Please speak to your account manager or email for more information on the upgrade.

    Cadcorp mSIS - 08 February 2013

    Cadcorp has announced that Cadcorp mSIS will not be upgraded beyond its current version (v6.3). 

    The ability to capture data in the field will be included in a future release of a new mobile version of Web Map Layers.
    Web Map Layers is an Open Layers based web mapping system.
    Information on Web Map Layers can be found here
    Cadcorp is scheduled to release the new mobile version of Web Map Layers that will include data capture functionality, after the initial release of Cadcorp SIS 8 later this year.
    Cadcorp will continue to provide support for mSIS until at least the end of 2013.
    If you have any questions regarding this announcement, please contact your account manager.

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