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Cadcorp SIS Desktop 9 Beta 2 Release - 12 October 2017


Cadcorp is pleased to announce the Cadcorp SIS 9 Beta Program.  This allows users early access to desktop software for testing and preview purposes. 

Following the initial release of the Beta in September, Beta 2 is now available for download.  All existing Cadcorp customers can access Cadcorp SIS 9 Beta software using this link - Cadcorp SIS Desktop 9 Beta Download Page

Cadcorp Service Release Announcement - 24 March 2017


Cadcorp were pleased to announce a Service Release of all products using release 8.0.2148 on 9th March 2017.

Since the release, we have been made aware of a problem with coordinate transformations between WGS 84 and OSGB British National Grid.  Because of an error in the updated transformation parameters, data created using WGS 84 and viewed in OSGB British National Grid could be displayed incorrectly, by about 100 metres.

We have corrected this error and issued new installers on 22nd March 2017.  A hotfix is available here as well.

Support for OS Open Data - 02 November 2016


The OS have now released the following Open Data products:

OS OpenMap - Local

OS Open Roads

OS Open Rivers

These products were previously available as Beta versions.  For the release, the schema and styling for each product has changed.  From today, the V1.0 data available for download can only be read by the Monthly Preview Build version 8.0.2034.  The Beta version of these data formats, which were previously available on the OS Open Data Download page, can no longer be read by Cadcorp SIS 8.0.2034.

OS MasterMap Topography Layer changes - 2016 - 24 October 2016


Use of OS MasterMap Topography Schema 9 with Cadcorp SIS - Before using the latest service release of Cadcorp SIS and processing the new OS MasterMap Topography data, please check the Cadcorp online help

Cadcorp Service Release Announcement - 11 May 2016


Cadcorp is pleased to announce Service Releases of the following products:

  • Cadcorp SIS and GeognoSIS
  • Cadcorp Web Map Layers
  • Cadcorp Web Map Express
  • Cadcorp Web Map Viewer and Editor
  • Cadcorp Notice Boardâ„¢

Please see the Release Announcement page for more details


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